Quality & Safety

Want to know more about what UEP Certified egg producers are doing to make sure you continue to receive safe, high quality eggs? Check out the different food safety programs that egg producers put in place on their farms as well as in the processing plant.

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FDA Guidelines

America’s egg farmers work closely with the Food and Drug Administration as well as other regulatory agencies, state and industry groups to ensure egg safety programs are properly implemented to provide consumers with the safest eggs possible. Watch this video to see more about these guidelines.


The Egg Safety Center works to share information with consumers on egg safety and handling.  Your safety is important to us, and we want to continue to reduce incidences of egg-related food borne illness. This page also serves as a food safety resource for U.S. retailers and food service companies.

Hen Health and Well-Being


Any egg farmer will tell you healthy hens lay the best eggs. That’s why our farmers are committed to raising hens in a sustainable environment that optimizes the hens overall well-being as well as egg safety.

Egg Safety FAQs


 Have you always wondered what you should look for when purchasing eggs? Or, what you should do with that carton of eggs you left out overnight?  If so, check out this section for tips on how to safely purchase, handle and prepare eggs!


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News Updates

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Information on avian influenza in egg operation.

Egg Safety Blog

Check out our blog to stay up-to-date about food safety issues, egg handling and preparation techniques and what those egg carton labels really mean!